Welcome to the level unlock guide! Here is where you learn what to look forward to as you progress in your zombie killing. In the very beginning you fly in on a helicopter and land somewhere at what appears to be hell on earth! They throw you right into the game by teaching you the basic controls and giving you your very first skill, the grenade! After you smite all your ferocious zombies you'll complete your first quest! granting you the privilege of level two!

After the tutorial you can already gain your first recharge. Which is supposed to boost your battle rating (BR). This can be purchased at any amount from 5-100 dollars. There is also the one time goodies as well, which will give you a bit more cheddar and VIP experience if you should choose to pay to play.

Also at the bottom right side of the screen you can click on "character" to see your current gear, stats, title, and wings.

Level 1-10 Airship Map

Level 3: Unlocks Inventory tab giving you a nice pair of combat gloves worth 30,000 gold in the shop. And also your first lockbox that can't be opened until level 10.
Level 4: Unlocks the skills tab. Giving you just enough attack crystals to upgrade your grenade skill once.
Level 6: Unlocks the shortcut tab. The shortcut tab gives you 30 free cheddar! However this is only a one time use and you must put a shortcut on your desktop for the game. However no one ever said you could delete it or move it to somewhere else after you get your free cheddar.
Level 7: Unlocks the Black Hole skill during your level 7 mission.
Level 9: Unlocks the guns tab. If you made it this far and managed to fight off Bazooka Bro, you'll unlock your new guns tab allowing you to upgrade your weapons so they deal more DPS.
Level 10: Unlocks your first lockbox, giving you a combat ring, silver dog tags, and a level 1 gem. During your level 10 mission (Ammo Depot) you'll unlock your first sub gun, called the Frost Pistol. When you complete this mission you will get a pop up saying you captured the Arms Cache. Which is basically the place you can purchase new weapons when your honor level permits it.

Level 11-20 Military Base map

Level 11: Unlocks the new map: Military base.